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This episode of Interlace PODCAST is the first one addressing the adult education field. We do this by introducing the RIOTE2 project – Rural Inclusive Outdoor Theatre Education: Street theatre education methodology and network cooperation model in rural environment.

Geza Pinter from Sinum Theatre and RIOTE project manager tells us more about it in the interview.

The KNOWEU project; Enhancing Knowledge on Georgia’s EU Integration among Ethnic Minorities, is the topic of today’s programme. The project is co-funded by the European Union Erasmus+ Jean Monnet action which is designed to promote excellence in teaching and research in the field of European Union studies worldwide.

Our guest is Diana Lezhava, Administrative Director of the Center for Social Sciences (CSS) and a Research fellow at CSS Education and Development Program.

International collaboration in Art education differs in many ways and for many reasons from other fields of studies and is too often neglected or marginalized from the big picture. What are the specificities of international university collaboration in this field, why was it affected more than others by the Covid-19 pandemic effects and what are the future perspectives? In this episode we discuss these topics with Payam Gul Susanni from Yasar University in Izmir, Turkey.

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Interlace PODCAST, the first and only blog dedicated to the internationalization aspects of education and culture. Internationalization in education and culture is today a solid reality that positively counterbalances the many negative aspects of globalization. General information on hot topics will be completed by country specific specials, programs entirely dedicated to cooperation for development, concrete best practices and programmes going deeper in the world of higher education or culture.

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Interlace PODCAST is a concept developed and run by Mirko Varano and Christofer Fredriksson, two specialists in the field of internationalization of higher education and culture living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. In the past two decades we have operated in the field on behalf of different organizations and as independent professionals at different levels and covering a wide range of different positions.

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